Friday, August 26, 2016

Can't Catch More Pokémon? What To Do When Your Pokémon Go Box Is Full? Gaming News.

In this video, Aiman will show you what to do and the choices that you have when your Pokémon storage box is full and you can't catch any more Pokémon. When the player begins, they will be able to hold up to 250 Pokemon in their storage at any given time, however to make room for more, the player must transfer pokemon out of their inventory by giving them back to the Professor in exchange for one candy apiece. In order to make room for more, a storage upgrade can be bought from the Shop for 200 PokeCoins. Aiman seems to have an opinion that you don't really need the Pokémon Storage Upgrade unless you're into having tons of garbage Pokémon on your person or you are too busy playing and don't have the time to transfer the Pokémon back to the Professor. Who can ever get enough Pidgey? Oh, right. Don't overthink it. Spend wisely. On the other hand, there's one thing you DEFINITELY need to spend on above all others: Bag Upgrade. It means you'll be able to carry way more PokéBalls, Potions (and all its variants), and Revives -- all of which are crucial to catching Pokémon and defeating them at gyms. If you don't upgrade, as you progress, you'll expend far more PokéBalls trying to catch higher CP Pokémon -- leading you to run out at some point. The video which will discuss BAG Upgrade is coming up next, so stay tuned...

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