Thursday, August 25, 2016

Justin Bieber And 9 Other Famous People Who Are ADDICTED To Pokemon Go, Gaming News.

Pokémon Go was released in early July 2016, and already, the mobile gaming app has surpassed 30 million downloads. This new must-have app has caught the attention of everyone, from hardcore gamers to the casual mobile app players. But surprisingly enough, a few of our favorite celebrities are also getting in on the action. These 10 celebs have no shame in their Pokémon Go addictions!

This latest gaming phenomena has celebrities rushing the streets to catch Pokémon, setting up lures outside of their homes, and suggesting road trips to some of the highest peaks in the world - all in the name of catching ‘em all! 

Justin Bieber is one celebrity who is definitely taking the game seriously. Pokémon Go intertwines the real world with virtual reality - encouraging users to get up and get out into the real world if they want to progress further in the game. During the NYC stop on his Purpose World Tour, Bieber and his friend were amongst a crowd of hundreds of Pokémon Go players who were searching for the Gyrados in Central Park. Other gamers were so focused on catching the Pokémon, they didn’t even notice a superstar was among them.

Kendra Wilkinson’s Pokémon Go obsession turned into embarrassment during a recent outing to catch the virtual characters. The reality t.v. star and former Playboy Playmate was so distracted by playing the mobile app, she accidentally stepped right into a big pile of dog poop! But do you think that deterred her from continuing to play the game? Not a chance!

But not all celebrities are comfortable with admitting they’re completely obsessed with the popular mobile app. Demi Lovato was put on blast by the co-headliner of her tour, Nick Jonas. Nick tweeted that Demi was frustrated that their current location didn’t have any Pokémon. Demi retweeted his tweet, but she is still keeping quiet on just how obsessed she really is with the addicting game.

When it comes to catching Pokémon, Wiz Khalifa has found something that he’s more obsessed with than weed. The rapper has tweeted about his Pokémon Go experiences - all of which usually include a joint or two. But things got a little creepy for the rapper when he tweeted “I feel like there's Pokemon all around me, and I just don't know it.” Perhaps it’s time for Wiz to step away from his cell phone…and the weed.

The Pokémon Go craze doesn’t seem to be dying down any time soon, and we definitely expect more celebrities to jump in on the craze. So the next time you head outside to catch the Pokémon, take a look around. You never know which A-lister could be playing the game right alongside you. 

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