Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pokemon Go accidents: Pokemania is causing all kinds of craziness in the U.S. Gaming News.

’MURICA — As Pokémon Go fever spreads across the U.S., so too are accidents and all-around craziness caused by the amazingly popular mobile app. People are willing to risk their lives to play the game. Michael Baker, 21, was out playing the game in Forest Grove, Oregon around 1 a.m. when he was stabbed. He ran into someone he thought was playing the game, but when he asked him if he wanted to battle, the stranger stabbed him in the shoulder. Rather than go to the hospital to get treated, he continued playing Go. Weatherman Bobby Deskins with WTSP 10 in Florida was live on air when news anchor Allison Kropff walked right across set in front of him and his weather map while searching for a pocket monster. One Brooklyn player was playing in Prospect Park at night and walking toward a lure while live streaming when he fell into a lake. An upstate New Yorker was playing the game in Auburn on Tuesday night when he drove off the road and slammed right into a tree. Luckily the driver was not seriously hurt, although the same can’t be said for his car. A 15-year-old Pennsylvania girl was hit by a car on Tuesday around 5 p.m. after crossing a busy highway after she had just found a Pokémon.

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