Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pokemon Go, Get That Snorlax Gotcha! 一場與卡比獸的戰鬥, Stampedes of people race to catch Pokemon In Taiwan!

Hey guys, I live in Taiwan and yes, I'm the owner of this blog, but what you see in this video is real. Its crazy here in Taipei during the weekends. Most the people playing Pokemon Go are 97% adults, 35 kids. 

You probably ask why? Well, Taiwan is an island I can drive across in 6 hours one way and 2 hours in the other. There is just nothing to do here. No Taco Time, no Sams, No Safeway and very few shopping malls. So something new is highly valued by the Taiwanese...because everything else is old and boring. The new is golden here. 

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